Pick of the Week: Jalapeno Ketchup

Living in El Paso for two and a half years conditioned me regarding many different things and one of those is food. One of the favorite items, I brought into my life was Jalapeno Ketchup.

While we lived in El Paso, we became very familiar with Whataburger. Whataburger is a wonderful restaurant chain limited to the Texas region. One of the offerings of ketchup is the spicy variation of Heinz Ketchup. When we left El Paso to come to Kanas, we thought we had to say good-bye to our beloved “hot” ketchup. The world became a better place when I walked through the commissary and found a bottle of Jalapeno Ketchup. I immediately placed the bottle in my cart and used it that very night. We found that the spicy ketchup was a great match for what we had enjoyed in Texas.

Jalapeno Ketchup tastes best with French fries. This is particularly true with fast food French fries. I think it has something to do with the oil mixture, but it may be that fast food fries are just better. The ketchup tastes good with baked fires and tater tots, as well as on top of a hamburger. However, another El Paso thing I learned was to put green chilis on the burger. If this is the case, the, the Jalapeno Ketchup adds too much heat.

So, if you are tired of your run of the mill ketchup, give the Jalapeno variety a try!

Fall Weather Safety

ON Sunday, Monica and I discussed that it was time to start switching out the summer clothes for the fall clothes. For this move in particular, we will be paying close attention to the weather, as we are unfamiliar with the climate in Kansas. As the days get colder and the sun goes down a little earlier each night, it begins to look and feel like fall. It is time to switch the clothes out. However, it is also the time to start paying attention to changing safety concerns as well.

As you go through every season, take a moment to think about what the risks are for that particular season. While severe weather can occur at any time, each season has its own characteristics for your concern. In the fall, there are fire dangers, flooding dangers, and the most active portion of hurricane season. Fall is also the time of year when cold weather can sneak up if you are outside for an extended period. Fall also includes a second tornado season that will catch many people off guard.

There are also other dangers that we take for granted. As the nights get longer and the kids go back to school, the darkness becomes a risk as children are walking in darkened heavy traffic areas. The darkness brings its own dangers.

The key to being safe is being aware. Before you head out in the fall, make sure that you check with the weather.gov website for a forecast and check out the Fall Safety Website for more details.


Foggy Mornings in Summer

I walked out of my house this morning to see a layer of fog all around my home. I ran through the fog on my morning run, as the road ahead was made fuzzy. Later, after I drove to school, I walked up to my classroom on the fourth floor, I could see the layer of fog covering the ground below. It gathered in the woods like cotton sticking to the limbs. Gradually, the fog grew thicker as the horizon blended into the fog, near the Missouri river. Peacefulness engulfed the morning as I looked out the window. I reflected on the time I saw the morning fog from on top of a mountain in North Carolina. I reflected on the few foggy mornings in El Paso, Texas. I stopped and considered the beauty for a moment before the sun rose high and burned the fog away. The temperature of the morning was roughly 70 degrees and would grow to be 90 by the end of the day. The fog held the moisture in over our heads as we walked to class, but allowed the humidity to run rampant in the afternoon. I knew when I walked in that it would be humid later on and it would mean mugginess would be the word of the day. However, in that moment as I looked out above the fog, there was peace.

That is how it is when there is fog in the summertime.


Photo: Unsplash.com