Sears Sign in Downtown El Paso

Several weeks ago, I took my camera downtown in El Paso. I love to take picture there because there is so much personality and history scattered throughout the area. As I walked down the hill from where I was parked, I spotted the old Sears Roebuck and Company store. There is a block advertising, that originally caught my eye, but there is also the worn letters from the marque along the roof. Around the building there is construction is taking place, which may have recently exposed the advertising—or, quite possibly, I had never noticed it before. However, with the construction taking place, I fear, that advertising will be gone within months.

Through some print ads from the 1950’s through the 1960s, Sears Roebuck and Company used the slogan “Shop at Sears and Save”, so I imagine that the painted ad is from those years. It appears that there is even more writing underneath the Sears black paint, but that is undetermined. It was during that time frame that Sears was expanding into Mexico City (1947) and the globally soon after. These years were a time of great expansion for the Sears Roebuck and Company.

It truly makes me stop and reflect how much has changed since those days of painting on the walls for advertisements. Not that it doesn’t still work, but so much has changed. Old left behind advertisements also take me back to a time when the downtown was the center on the city’s activity. I still believe that this practice should return—it would be nice to see the downtown areas return to life and vibrancy in every city.

Star Trek Books

I have been a Star Trek fan since the 1990s with Star Trek: The Next Generation. I have not even watched the entire Original Series. Some purist may tell me that I am not a true fan because of that. But, in all honesty, Star Trek began with The Next Generation for me. I equate it to Doctor Who—Matt Smith is the Doctor that I first watched—so he is “MY” Doctor, and always will be. However, just because that is where my experience began, doesn’t mean that is where it will remain.

One of the areas, I have been wanting to get into are the Star Trek novels. I have read a couple through the years and they are always enjoyable to read. They aren’t too deep and the author doesn’t have to work too hard to develop the characters—I already have a picture of who they are before the book begins. I’m also not that “nerdy” of a fan that I would notice if they varied the story line a little bit. So, lately, I’ve wanted to focus more toward reading the books. I recently did some research and three titles that repeatedly show up on best Star Trek book lists are “Enterprise”, “Prime Directive”, and “Final Frontier”. I checked and none of these were available in Kindle format, so I thought I had to wait awhile until I could find them. Last week, at a local used books store, I found all of them—and an entire wall of Star Trek books as well.

I think I will take all three with me on my upcoming trip and maybe read them all!

Pick of the Week: Youtube on Roku

Being National Streaming Day, I thought I would have a streaming related pick of the week and the first channel that comes to mind is Youtube. Youtube, of course is the most recognizable brands in streaming video. Youtube has the second largest search engine on the planet and is the go to website for everything video. I enjoy watching shows that I’ve subscribed to for years—youtubers, tutorial channels, clip channels, and even news and information channels.

But, then Youtube came to Roku. Roku is a device that allows streaming media—primarily video to play on the TV. Mostly we think of Hulu and Netflicks—and I also enjoy watching MLBTV, but on the Roku, you can also play YouTube. As much as I enjoyed watching YouTube on the computer has completely been overshadowed by the amount I enjoy YouTube on the television. It is incredible!

While it may seem a little nerdy to be excited about watching YouTube from the couch—I will tell you that I will sometimes watch YouTube instead of watching TV. With YouTube, it is easy to watch a short clip rather than sit down for a long duration, it easy to watch tutorials rather than having to buy a DVD set, and it is easy to do a quick search on nearly any subject and find an adequate enough information needed to answer a question—all without turning on the computer.

If you have a Roku and have never used the YouTube channel—sign up and subscribe—you’ll be happy that you did!