Book Review: The Art of Social Media

The greatest thing Guy Kawasaki has ever done for me was to send me this book. As a subscriber to the newsletter, HASO: Help A Socialist Out, I was included in a brief offer to download the book. Honestly, I had planned to buy it anyway—and had my eye on it. After listening to interviews with Kawasaki on different podcasts, I was convinced I needed to buy it. So, I was thrilled when the offer was made for me to receive it! He also wrote the book Enchantment, which is another of most recommended books.

The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick is my new recommendation to everyone’s reading list. Our world is becoming more and more influenced and changed by Social Media. Leaders of businesses, military units, and churches must understand how to leverage Social Media for the benefit of their organizations. “The Art of Social Media” tells the reader how to accomplish just that.

“The Art of Social Media” provides superior tips for social media users throughout the book. From building an excellent profile to engaging and leading in Twitter Chats, the authors take the reader step by step to avoid the many mistakes that can be made by simply not knowing what to do.

While the book was an easy read for me, it may be just the level novices need to grasp many of the newer concepts. I have been on social media for about ten years, so I have some background knowledge to get me started. One of the keys to the book for me was the hyperlinks included in the digital version. These alone opened the door to many different tools and techniques that I can use in my social media experience. For this reason, I recommend the kindle version of the book over the paperback—it would be a pain to have to type those in each time.

Another great aspect of the book was how they spotlighted the major social media platforms. Each platform has different techniques, so it was nice that the authors gave brief advice and useful tips for each of them. I learned some powerful—if not “lifesaving” tricks in each area.

With all of that said, I recommend that you buy this book right now. With social media, the information may be completely different in a couple of months. So if you want to be on the top of your game today—go out a buy this book.


ReSharing is Caring


In his new book, The Art of Social Media, Guy Kawasaki states;

“Resharing, not imitation, is the sincerest form of flattery on social media.”

While this concept is definitely true on social media—the resharing concept is also true in life as well. Resharing is the taking of an idea that has already been shared by the author, maintaining the authorship intact, and then reshare the idea with someone else. For instance, “I read a great book; you should read it too.” That is resharing.

To imitate—or copy someone—has been said to be the highest form of flattery. But, if you think deeper, the highest form of flattery is resharing.

To copy somebody—you tell the world; “Yes, I liked it—but any monkey can do that—so I will steal it as my own!”

To reshare, on the other hand, tells the world; “What is before you is completely brilliant—brilliant enough to reshare with my friends!”

So, yes, resharing is the highest form of flattery! And we need more resharing in our world! And the easiest place to do this is on social media. On social media, you take an article, image, or video that has been written by someone and you then reshare that product with your circle of friends or followers. With a click of the mouse, or a touch of your finger, you can be paying the highest form of flattery.

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Rockport Slippers

Over the last couple of days, the temperature has dropped below 32. Today after a small snowstorm—that shut down this desert city—the temperature was 28 degrees when I checked. It simply doesn’t get that cold on a regular basis, but even when it just dips into the 30s—it is cold. This is the time of year, I bring out my slippers.

Typically, I wear no shoes at all, or flip-flops if I have to go outside. But, when it is cold—and next year when we leave El Paso, it will really be cold—I wear my slippers. Several years ago my mother bought me a pair of Rockport Kinetic Air Circulator Slippers and I absolutely love them! I wear them all around the house. In the winter, even if I do taken them off to prop my feet up, they are never far from my feet.

It feels like a shoe, but is incredibly comfortable and soft. It is rugged as it is soft. If I must go outside to take the trash out or get something from my truck, they protect my feet from rocks and concrete. These shoes are also warm. With their fury inside lining and thick leather shell, the shoe stays plenty cozy in the winter. The shoe also does not wear out. I only wear if at the house for a couple of months of the year, but the shoe is still in great shape after all of this time.

Interestingly enough, it seems that Rockport has discontinued this slipper, but I was able to find it out



Windows 10 Unveiled

Last night, I was reading on several computer sites, as well as social media information sites, about the latest unveiling of Microsoft Products including Windows 10.

I am looking forward to Windows 10. I am using Windows 7 right now, and would love to have an upgrade. Monica has Windows 8 and despite some early issues, I think she has enjoyed the newer features. The problem is that, except for more RAM, I am happy with the computer I have but would be interested in upgrading if offered. There were several sites like that discussed the announcement from Microsoft that Windows 10 would be offered to be upgraded for free for Windows 7 and 8 users. I still have until late 2015, maybe early 2016 to decide if this upgrade is for me. The only question is whether I will risk my files, or whether I simply want to upgrade the entire computer.

Windows 10 returns the “Start” menu that was taken out of Windows 8, resulting in many complaints of Windows users. Another feature of the operating system is that the effort is made to make the operating system the same across the different devices that are being produced to run Windows (ie Tablets and phones). There is also smoother operation and functionality expected, along with an upgrade to Office software to Office 2016 following the release of Windows 10. Through my Office 365 subscription, I expect that will upgrade automatically but I am looking forward to new productivity on that front as well.

Windows 10 is on its way! And I’m looking forward to it. I’ve grown up with Windows and have become very accustom to using it on a daily basis for years, it seems like Windows 10 will carry me through several more.

I remember when 38 was cold

In the morning, the Brigade staff has our weekly game of Ultimate Frisbee planned. It isn’t always Ultimate Frisbee, sometimes we play soccer, sometimes we play Gator-ball, and sometimes it is Ultimate Football…one time we played dodgeball.

The temperature is predicted to be 38 degrees.

It will be cool, by some standards…but downright cold by the standards in El Paso, Texas. Yes, the northerners will put on their arrogant air about how it is not cold—all the while they begin to shiver, because everyone’s body acclimates.

This year, I’ll remember the temperature dipping into the 20s only once, 38 is cold. It just doesn’t get that cold around here often. We have also been experiencing a warm up recently—making this cold snap very cold.

So, in the morning, I will bundle up. I will put on my gloves and my hat—and stay as warm as I can. Tomorrow, I will try to play hard, because that will warm me up.

I will remember the cold days of South Carolina which were always mixed with humidity, thus making the cold feel colder. Will think about getting up those cold mornings when I was much younger and get ready for the school bus. And tomorrow, I will be warm because I remember when 38 was cold.

My Instagram Techniques

One social media platform that I simply love is Instagram. I love to follow people and enjoy their photos and I especially enjoy taking and sharing my own. My techniques are simple—I try not to get to advanced and take away from the “insta” feel of “Instragram”. Instagram is supposed to be an image that it shared instantly. Like many things, I am a purest. If I want to share carefully chosen and edited photos—I will share them on facebook or this blog. Maybe one day I will move to flicker—but not today.

Being a purest, I try to take photos regularly—but no more than two or three a day, if I’m a in a very active and interesting day. Mostly, however, I take only one…and then miss a lot of days. I try to post regularly. Weekends are a high point to take instagrams. Typically, I will use a filter. I use X-PRO II most of all. I used to enjoy the “real negative” frame, but it seems that they have done away with frames—and really that’s ok. I like to zoom in fairly tight when I take the photo. Sometimes I add words with the Wordswag app on my iPhone. Typically, I only post to Instagram. On occasion—like a McDonald’s trip—I will post to facebook and/or twitter to give to photo more exposure. But, most of my photos now are only on Instagram. Using these techniques, and keeping it simple, make taking Instagrams very enjoyable. If you’re interested in see my Instagram page—check out